The Church believes:

“Marriage is a gift of God through which husband and wife may grow together in the knowledge, love and service of God.

It is given that, united with one another in heart, in mind and in body, they may increase in love and trust. God joins husband and wife in life-long union as the foundation of family life (in which children are born and nurtured and) in which each member of the family, in good times and in bad, may find strength, companionship and comfort, and grow to maturity in love. Marriage enriches society and strengthens community.”

© Church in Wales Marriage Service

Married love was created by God.
It is part of God’s plan for humanity and as such is sacred.

Marriage is for life.
The church teaches that marriage is for life.

This is firstly to enable people to feel secure in their love, but it is also important that children are brought up in a family to feel secure.
Secondly, in marriage two people learn to love in an unselfish way and as they do this they reflect God’s love.The hallmarks of a married relationship are loyalty and faithfulness.

Marriage is protected.
Because marriage is created by God and is part of God’s plan for people it is protected in the Bible by laws: ‘You shall not commit adultery’ (Exodus 20.14; Deuteronomy 5.18)

Marriage is a public announcement.
It is important to make those vows publicly – it binds a couple in front of witnesses and before God.

Marriage is the proper context for sexual intercourse.
Christians believe that the correct place for sex is within a relationship of complete commitment.In sex people become one in a very real way – yes, physically, but also emotionally and spiritually; they become completely open with each other and share the greatest intimacy.
The Bible says that when two people have sex they become ‘one flesh’.This is why Christians believe that the correct place for sex is within marriage.

Marriage is blessed by God.
God is the third partner in Christian marriage.The love which two people share in Christian marriage is a sign of God’s love.When two people promise unconditional love to each other for life this shows what Christ’s own sacrificial love is like.

Can gay couples be married in church?

At present the law does not permit the Church to marry people of the same gender, and the Church itself has not reached an agreement about the issue.

The Church teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman, but the refusal of the Church, and the law that will prohibit the marriage of gay people in church, is not a sign of condemnation, nor a denial that gay people love each other and can enter into loving and permanent relationships.

The Parochial Church Council of this Benefice believes that love comes from God, and is shown in different ways: but it is obliged to uphold the teaching of the Church, and to follow the law of the land.

There is no anti-gay sentiment in our desire to be faithful to the Church and the law, and we support and welcome people of different sexualities who want to worship with us and discover God’s plans for his people alongside us.

Where can we be married?

You can marry in any of our churches if one or other of you lives in the parish. Our churches are St Mary’s, St Agnes’ and Holy Trinity.

You can also get married in any of our churches if you live outside the parish but regularly worship in one of our churches and have your name on the Church electoral roll (membership list).

There are other possibilities under the Marriage (Wales) Act 2010

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When can we be married?

There has to be some consultation about dates and times, because we have to be certain that the church is available and that your wedding does not clash with someone else’s wedding.

We also have to make sure that a priest will be available to marry you.

We conduct marriage ceremonies between 8 o’clock in the morning and 6 o’clock in the evening.

We do not marry anyone from Palm Sunday to Easter Day.

Can we write our own vows?

Marriage in Church is both a religious ceremony and a legal process.

The Marriage Service has been agreed by Parliament as an authorised legal as well as religious ceremony and so it cannot be altered for each individual couple.  Services held in registered premises such as a hotel or Register Office are non religious and different rules apply.

Legal formalities

When you come to make arrangements for your wedding, you will be asked to prove your identity and your address. You can either be married by Banns (notice of your intention to marry read out in church for three Sundays) or by Licence (rarely necessary: quicker but more expensive than Banns).

You will need to bring a driving licence or passport with you, or something that shows your current address, We need this for the bride and the groom.

The usual waiting period before you can marry is three weeks.

How much does a wedding cost?

The fees are reviewed by the Bishops of the Church in Wales every year, and the Parish Secretary will be able to give you more details.

When you arrange your wedding you will be asked for a £50 deposit, which is non-refundable.

You can pay for the wedding over a period of months if you choose, by calling regularly at the Parish Office.

Can we have photos?

Yes. You can ask someone to take photographs of the wedding and to make a video.

Please remember that if you choose to record the service you may need a licence, as some parts of the service will be copyrighted. We can discuss this with you if you choose to get married in church.

Is the service private?

No services that take place in church are private. Any member of the public has the right to come into church at any time. The fees you pay are not for hiring the church, but are for the legal formalities, the organist and the cost of maintaining the church.

What if I am in work when the Parish Office is open?

Only the people who are getting married can arrange the wedding and sign the paper work. Although it is not always easy, if you were marrying in a Register Office you would have to go there during opening hours. It is an important milestone in your life together. Occasionally, when people are working odd shifts, it is possible to see someone at another time.

To arrange a wedding or a baptism or for the calling of Banns of Marriage

please contact the Parish Office 01639 886740

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