Using our money to give

It is very important that we use the funds people give us wisely, and remember that Jesus taught us to love others as much as we love ourselves.

The history of the Christian Church shows how people have sought to aid the poor and needy in every generation, and in our world today we recognise the needs of others are often more important than our own.

We support a number of organisations that fall into the category of aid agencies, missionary societies or charities, so that God’s love can be seen to be for everyone, wherever they live, and whatever they believe.

To find out more about each organisation click on the image, which will take you to their web site.

These are the organisations we help so that they can help others

Founded in 1837, the Additional Curates Society helps to provide parishes with priests, and works to foster vocations to the priesthood.

Church Army is a mission-focused community of people who are transforming lives and communities through the work of evangelists, staff and supporters. It was founded in 1882

Formerly known as the Bible Lands Society, Embrace the Middle East tackles poverty and injustice throughout the Middle East and especially in the areas of health care and education.


The Port Talbot Food Bank was launched in September 2014. We donate items of food each month, and if you want to help you are welcome to bring food to any one of our churches, or you can leave things in Tesco Port Talbot.

Let The Children Live! is a charity founded by a British priest that works in Colombia with children from the streets and shanty-towns of the city of Medellín. These children are called ‘the disposable ones’ and they live, and sometimes die, in the streets and rubbish dumps of Colombia’s cities.

The Mission to Seafarers was founded in 1856 and is funded entirely by voluntary donations. It works in 260 ports throughout the world.

The Port Talbot Mission is open from 18:30 to 21:00 when there is a ship in port.

The United Society traces its roots back to the 18th Century, and is one of the leading Anglican missionary societies in the UK.

Water Aid seeks to bring clean water, sanitation and hygiene to the poorest people in the world.

The only aid organisation founded by the British Churches, working together in the 1950’s to support refugees fleeing Europe after World War II. Today Christian Aid works in 50 countries around the globe.

Using our money to buy

We are a Fairtrade parish and we support the aims of the Fairtrade movement and pray for trade justice throughout the world.

We buy our Fairtrade products through Traidcraft and encourage people to buy Fairtrade in their local supermarkets.

Real Advent

Real Easter

We believe it is really important to get the Christian message across to people at the major Festivals of the Christian calendar, and so we encourage people to buy the Real Easter Egg and Advent Calendar, made by The Meaningful Chocolate Company

We also support the Christmas starts with Christ campaign.

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